Enrich feeding time by allowing greater activity like they would experience in the wild. The perfect raw & wet food feeding system for your cat. How to use Lickimat: Best used with wet and raw food. Spread your cat's soft food or treat over the mat surface with back of a spoon or spatula. Ensure foods is nicely embedded in the surface. Experiment with different foods and treats. Treat Suggestions: Raw meat, fish, your cats favourite wet food. Create treats using canned fish, yoghurt, cheese, crushed pet biscuits softened with water (for added hydration). For professional advise on which human foods are suitable for your pet, please consult your vet. Mimic cats predatory feeding Stimulates saliva to aid digestive health Promotes healthier teeth and gums Allows crouching whilst feeding Makes a small meal or treat last longer Whisker-friendly (no more stress) BP Free Food grade TPR Rubber Non-toxic microwave proof freezer friendly Hand wash in warm soapy water.